Semester 1 Package

  • The 5 DVD courses of Semester 1
  • The study workbook for Semester 1
  • Leader handbook and leader CD with all exams
  • The book “Unlocking the Abraham Promise”

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The Introduction Package

The Introduction Package includes everything, so that you get to know the vision and curriculum of the ISOM Bible School and so that you can introduce it to your church and other interested Christians. You receive the following items for just 15 Euro including shipping:

1. DVD box with 5 teaching sessions (value: 40€)

  • DVD 1: Mobilization for Multiplication, by Dr. Berin Gilfillan (The strong vision behind the ISOM Bible School)
  • DVD 2: Supernatural Living, by Dr. A.L. Gill (About the gifts of Holy Spirit for every believer)
  • DVD 3: Men that keep their word, by Dr. Ed Cole (This message started the global Promise Keeper movement)

2. One book (value: 10€)

  • Unlocking the Abraham Blessing, by Berin Gilfillan, the founder of the ISOM Bible School (Seven Keys for Growth by Multiplication)

3. The ISOM catalogue + infoflyers

  • The catalogue describes the history and vision of the ISOM Bible School and introduces the teachers and courses of the entire curriculum. It is also available as PDF on this website.

You receive a credit of 15€ for your later order of the Semester 1 Package!

Overview bachelors/master

After the five Semestern students can continue studies and earn an internationally recognized bachelor’s and master’s degree. The bachelor’s and master’s program consists of 13 modules, each made up of DVD courses and study workbooks. Five modules must be selected from the 13 modules for a bachelor’s degree plus three more modules for the master’s degree. The Modules were developed in partnership with internationally recognized leaders and ministries.

Bachelor = 5 Semesters + 5 Modules

Master = 5 Semesters + 5 Modules + 3 Modules + Thesis

Overview of the 13 Modules

Module 1: Effective Ministry (8 Courses)

Module 2: Miracle Living / Dr. A.L. Gill (5 Courses)

Module 3: Messenger International / John Bevere (3 Courses)

Module 4: Romans, Marriage & Family (5 Courses)

Module 5: Women in Training – Part 1 (15 Courses)

Module 6: Women in Training – Part 2 (17 Courses)

Module 7: Women in Training – Part 1&2 (13 Courses)

Module 8: Spiritual Intimacy / Mark Virkler (5 Courses)

Module 9: Messianic Module / Perry Stone (9 Courses)

Module 10: Cleansing Stream Seminar (5 Courses)

Module 11: Spiritual Marturity (8 Courses)

Module 12: Marketplace (23 Courses)

Module 13: Understanding Islam (3 Courses)

PDFs of the Bachelor and Master Modules: