Information about the semesters

The five Semesters were recorded within three years with 30 internationally known men and women of God in a bilingual format (English-other languages). These experienced leaders have taught their life messages that express their unique callings and strengths.

As of today over 400.000 students from more than 155 nations and in over 70 languages have studied and finished these five Semesters. They have been trained in the Bible to know the heart of God, the ways of God and to discover their gifts and callings for ministry in the church and the world. The ISOM Bible School has emerged as the largest multimedia Bible School in the world during the past 20 years.

Semester 1 and 2

The first two Semesters lay a strong biblical foundation in the life of the student through courses about the New and the Old Testament, Foundations of Faith, Supernatural Living and Healing (how to operate in the New Testament spiritual gifts), the Power of Prayer, the Essence of the Gospel as well as other courses.

Semester 3, 4 and 5

The Semester 3 to 5 continue with biblical theology but also deepen comprehensive training for Christian ministry with several courses on evangelism, leadership, cell group ministry, spiritual warfare, ministry of reconciliation, lifestype of giving, ministry of elders, church planting, ministry to children and youth, and many other practical courses.

The five Semesters are intended to guide Christians and churches to growth by multiplication in seven areas, which God has promised in His Word.

The ISOM Bible Schools helps for multiplication to happen

  • Multiplication of God’s Word
  • Multiplication of Disciples
  • Multiplication of Leaders
  • Multiplication of Anointing
  • Multiplication of Churches
  • Multiplication of Finances
  • Multiplication of Unity

The ISOM Bible School helps churches and Christians to do their part, so that God can do the part He has promised to do!