Testimonies of teachers around the world

Testimonies of students around the world

I was able to come into a deeper relationship with the Lord through the teachings in the ISOM program. I was not only enriched by being in the Word, but I also benefited through the discussions with the other students in my class. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned about my faith. I really am thankful for the bachelors program. I especially like the topics that are being covered. I would highly recommend this program. I think anyone who is a member of my church should take this program, because it explains the foundations of the faith and it is a wonderful springboard to preparing people to take what they have learned and use it to the glory of God!! – Kathleen

You have enriched my walk in Christ. All the different instructors had different revelations that they released within their teachings that gave me deeper Revelation and understanding of God’s word. The ISOM team are very friendly and easy to talk to and their goal is to make sure that we are getting the help that we need and the answers that we need. They were there for me! I have already recommended the program to my pastors and others. Why? Because it is a program that is easy to use and the benefits are beyond measure. By that, I mean it can opens up a new chapter in your life. The program gave me a great Oziel from ministry and more confidence that I can tackle more than what I think, because the information was very clear. Thank you for putting this program out to the world. I’m glad that I encountered it. Because I have learned information that I should have gotten when I first stepped into my salvation walk. So once again thank you! – Simyou

The ability to be taught by some of the most iconic leaders within Christianity today while learning online and being able to continue working has been wonderful. The quality of the professors is second to none. It is obvious that they are not just teaching based on what they read in a book, but based on their own personal experience with God and leading in the Church. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone. Whether they want to go into full time ministry as I do and are looking to gain the knowledge to equip themselves for that journey or they are simply wanting to deepen their understanding of the faith… This program provides a rich understanding of the Gospel of Christ and gives a great foundation for a believer on their journey of discipleship. – William

Thank you for making ISOM available for me, it is sound from the ground up. I would highly recommend this program.. The staff & teachers are real, and live what they teach. I have been experiencing in my life the gifts of the Holy Ghost. The staff actually prays for me, and helps me in anyway possible. – Sheila

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